OTOW Candler Garbage and Recycling Locations

Garbage and Recycling :

Waste Management, Inc. of Florida services the homeowners of Candler Hills and Indigo East with curbside garbage and recycling.

Garbage Services:
Days of garbage service to be Tuesdays and Fridays of each week.
*Please place standard size (55-gallon) trash container at the curbside no earlier than 7 PM the evening before pickup and remove empty container by 4 PM day of pickup.

Waste Management will not have a scheduled pick up on a national holiday.  Should the holiday fall on a Tuesday, the next pick up will be Friday, and if it falls on Friday, the next pick up will be the following Tuesday.

Waste Management recycling guideRecycling Services:
Days of recycling service to be Thursday of every week.  (Recycling container is available at Customer Service)  Containers will need to be placed curbside no earlier than 7 PM the evening before pickup and please remove empty container by 4 PM day of pickup.

Simply put, recycling made easy! Many materials can be recycled and everything goes into one bin! No sorting required! Recycling that is truly hassle free! Just use your same recycle bins and recycle the items below!

Items that CANNOT be recycled:
No Plastic Bags
No Large Plastic Tubs or Buckets
No Garbage

Items that can be recycled:
Aluminum and steel cans
No aluminum foil, paint cans, or scrap metal please.
No aerosol cans unless empty.
Please rinse cans.

Plastic containers
Water, soda and milk with the numbers 1 thru 7.  Look for the number on the bottom of the container.
No plastic grocery bags.
Please rinse all containers and remove and dispose of caps.

Paper Products

Corrugated Cardboard  – broken down
Papers (all colors)
Phone Books
Clean paper bags

All Junk Mail
Copier Paper
Printer Paper

Yard debris pick up schedule*
Please place yard debris off the curb early in the morning of, or the night before, your scheduled day for pick-up. Please place yard debris away from storm drains. We ask that no household garbage or animal feces be placed in with the yard debris.
Monday** – Americana Village, Friendship Village, Friendship Park

Wednesday – Friendship Colony, Candler Hills East, Candler Hills West, Stonebridge, Indigo East

Thursday – Williamsburg, Providence I & II, Avalon I & II

Friday – Crescent Ridge I & II, Windsor East, Windsor West, Renaissance Park

* Subject to change based on inclement weather.
** Due to volumes, pickup may extend into Tuesday.