OTOW Central Garbage and Recycling Locations

Garbage and Recycling Locations:

There are five (5) compactor locations within On Top of the World for household waste disposal.  These are located:

  1. Americana Village – 9898 SW 89thCourt Rd
  2. Avalon – 9154 SW 101stCt
  3. Crescent Ridge I/II – 9740 SW 96thAvenue
  4. Friendship Colony – 8847 SW 90thStreet
  5. Friendship Village – 8480 SW 96thLane
  6. Providence/Williamsburg – 9315 SW 92ndPlace Road

All large items such as furniture or white goods (washing machine, refrigerator, etc.) should be disposed of at the 90th Street location.


Waste Management recycling guideRecycling:
Single stream recycling locations noted above.

Items that CANNOT be recycled:
No Plastic Bags
No Large Plastic Tubs or Buckets
No Garbage

Items that can be recycled:
Aluminum and steel cans
No aluminum foil, paint cans, or scrap metal please.
No aerosol cans unless empty.
Please rinse cans.

Plastic containers
Water, soda and milk with the numbers 1 thru 7.  Look for the number on the bottom of the container.
No plastic grocery bags.
Please rinse all containers and remove and dispose of caps.

Paper Products

Corrugated Cardboard  – broken down
Papers (all colors)
Phone Books
Clean paper bags

All Junk Mail
Copier Paper
Printer Paper

Yard debris pick up schedule*
Please place yard debris off the curb early in the morning of, or the night before, your scheduled day for pick-up. Please place yard debris away from storm drains. We ask that no household garbage or animal feces be placed in with the yard debris.
Monday** – Americana Village, Friendship Village, Friendship Park

Wednesday – Friendship Colony, Candler Hills East, Candler Hills West, Stonebridge, Indigo East

Thursday – Williamsburg, Providence I & II, Avalon I & II

Friday – Crescent Ridge I & II, Windsor East, Windsor West, Renaissance Park

* Subject to change based on inclement weather.
** Due to volumes, pickup may extend into Tuesday.