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General Facility Rules

  • No pets, except service dogs

  • No food in the fitness center, please use the lobby or lounge areas

  • No smoking or tobacco chewing within any building

  • Smoking allow only in designated “Smoking Area”

  • No spitting

Guest Policy Health and Recreation

The fee for a guest is $9.00 a day and $38.00 a week to utilize the fitness center. No reservations are necessary. No one under the age of 15 is allowed in the fitness center. A resident may bring two guests per visit. The resident leaves their ID card at the front desk.

Program Staff


Theresa Fields | Program Manager | (352) 854-8707 x 7530

Maggie Richards | Recreation Coordinator | (352) 854-8707 x 7533

Fitness Center Overview


  • Personal Training (Fee Required)
  • Free Cybex Equipment orientations every Tuesday at noon
  • Free balance assessments every Thursday at 1:00 pm
  • Free fitness center orientations every Tuesday at 1:00 pm


Equipment such as volleyballs, racquetballs, racquets and goggles are available for resident use. Please see gym attendant for pick-up and return of equipment. There is a $15.00 fee for all lost or damaged racquets. Golf clubs and golf balls for miniature golf are located in a plastic storage bin at hole 1 of mini golf course. Please return equipment to storage bin.

Fitness Center attendant present from opening to close. Staff present at all times to help residents.

Fitness Center Guidelines

  • Upon entering the Recreation Fitness Center, you agree THAT YOU SHALL assume the risk of exercising and/or utilizing these facilities and equipment and agree to abide by all Rules and Regulations posted within the center.
  • Remember to bring your ID card upon entering the fitness center. Only residents who have an ID card are permitted to use the facility. Guests must come accompanied by a resident. Please check with the fitness center regarding the daily and weekly guest fees.
  • It is recommended that you consult a physician before beginning an exercise program.
  • Please sign-in at the desk before exercising.
  • If you experience dizziness, shortness of breath, pain in the chest, arms or nausea, stop exercising immediately. Promptly ask the fitness attendant to assist you.
  • When working out, please do not rest on the machines when others are waiting to use them. Move on to the next machine.
  • Please limit your cardiovascular work to 30 minutes if others are waiting to use the exercise equipment. Sign-up sheets are available. After signing-up, please be ready to use the equipment whenever it is your turn.
  • If you are not sure how to use a machine, please ask our fitness attendants or our personal trainer for help.
  • Do not exceed the recommended time for the steam room (10 minutes), sauna (8 minutes) and whirlpool (5 minutes).
  • Dress in comfortable and proper attire. Shirts are mandatory; please wear one that covers the chest and back areas.
  • For your protection, closed-toe and closed-heel athletic shoes should be worn.
  • Open-toe and open-heel shoes are not permitted.
  • Please do not eat or chew gum while exercising. Food in the fitness area is not permitted.
  • Report equipment problems to the fitness center attendant.
  • Store your personal items in the day lockers situated in the restrooms. Please do not leave personal items overnight and remove lock.
  • All free weights and fitness balls need to be put back on the racks or designated areas after use.


All lockers are day lockers. Please do not leave valuables in the lockers. If locks are left on the lockers they will be removed nightly.

Racquetball Courts Guidelines

Members must wear proper non-marking rubber-soled shoes. No street shoes are allowed. Eye goggles must be worn during play. The courts are designed for racquetball, badminton, or Wallyball only. All residents are required to sign in before playing. Any guest of residents must sign-in and pay the fitness center attendant a guest fee of $7.50.

Steam Room, Sauna, and Whirlpool

  • Please rinse off prior to entering whirlpool.
  • Nudity is not allowed, bathing suit must be worn.
  • No additives, oils, bubbles, etc., are allowed in wet rooms.
  • Appropriate behavior is required at all times.
  • All doors must be closed at all times.
  • No children under the age of 15 are allowed in the steam room, sauna, or whirlpool.
  • On the second and fourth Tuesday of every month the whirlpools are closed from 6:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for deep cleaning.
  • Do not exceed the recommended time for the steam room (10 minutes), sauna (8 minutes) and whirlpool (5 minutes).

Personal Trainers

Cammy Dennis | Fitness Director | (352) 854-5198 x 7532

“It is a privilege to develop programs that can positively influence the quality of people’s lives”

Cammy Dennis, Fitness Director at On Top of the World Communities, Inc. and The Ranch Fitness Center & Spa, has been with the company for seven years. Cammy is a native New Yorker who relocated to Florida after graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology. After years of working in the fitness industry, she combined her certifications and experience with her business degree and has enjoyed a career in Fitness Administration for the past twenty years.

Inspiring people to embrace wellness is Cammy’s passion. “I think wellness should be simple: move often, eat well and stay engaged in life. When people do this, they live long, vibrant lives. I am inspired by this every day,” says Cammy. As an active ager herself, she understands that older adults are a very diverse group of people. Cammy feels that the most important contribution she can make is to create an environment that welcomes everyone and enables all to find success.


Larry Robinson | Personal Trainer | (352) 854-8707 x 7531

Larry Robinson is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine and has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. Larry’s extensive background includes fitness management, personal training and group exercise. Senior exercise science and wellness promotion for active aging adults has been a focus for Larry throughout his fitness career.

Policy on Physical Therapist for Fitness Center

Physical Therapist may come into the Recreation Fitness Center one time to demonstrate the physical therapy routine for the resident on our equipment. Physical Therapists are not insured or approved for use of our private facility otherwise.

Pickleball Facility Rules & Regulations


The Pickleball courts are for the use by OTOW residents and their guests, and for the participants in approved and sanctioned events.


Proper attire and equipment are required at all times. Shoes which may damage the court surface, bathing suits, fishnet shirts, or other unkempt or inappropriate attire or equipment are not permitted on the courts.


Group playing days and times are posted on the bulletin board located on the court premises. Outside the courts playing times, the courts are open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Reservations are not necessary at the present time, however, reservations may be required in the future as the need arises.


All guests must register at the Recreation Center Office or Fitness Center Office. Children under the age of 12 can only use the courts outside the scheduled times and only when a resident player is present. All guests must be accompanied by the inviting OTOW resident, and the resident is responsible for paying a $5.00 guest fee per guest prior to play. Out of town and over-night house guests may play without limitations at a cost of $5.00 per day (per guest) or $15.00 per week, any time the resident is present. Reciprocal Gated-community and Pickleball league play are exempt from guest-play rules so long as players come to OTOW as a group. Residents must complete a Club Guest Notification form and submit to the Recreation Center Office one week prior to the guests entering the community.


The formation of leagues, inter-community teams and special events must be coordinated with the Director in charge of racquet sports. Special events playing times must be posted on the bulletin board well in advance. Click here to view Pickleball Club Reserved Court Times. (pdf 218kb)


  • When players are waiting for courts, play will be limited to two games, or twenty minutes. Waiting players are permitted to ask players occupying the courts beyond these times to relinquish the courts.
  • Pets are not allowed on the courts.
  • Trash must be placed in the appropriate receptacles.
  • Only non-alcoholic beverages and non-breakable containers are allowed on the grounds of the Pickleball courts.
  • Smoking is not allowed.
  • Players should monitor compliance with these rules as well as with the “Rules of
  • Etiquette” posted on the bulletin board.

Arbor Tennis Club Overview

Recreation Center and Arbor Fitness Center Tennis & Pickleball

There are twelve pickleball courts at the Recreation Center. There are ten tennis courts at Arbor Fitness Center.

The tennis and pickleball schedules are available in the Recreation and Wellness Program Guide and the On Top of the World newspaper.

Arbor Tennis Club

If you are looking for a more competitive game of tennis, you will want to become a member of our Arbor Tennis Club. Tennis members enjoy a more structured program. Tennis clinics and lessons are available. You may also participate in USTA leagues, tournaments and other competitive play. All are run by our full-time certified professional Tennis Director on the club’s Plexicushion Prestige Acrylic playing surface courts.

Arbor Tennis Club General Rules & Procedures


The Arbor tennis courts are for the use of its members and their guests, the Tennis Director, his staff and pupils; and for the participants of sanctioned events.


Proper tennis attire is required at all times. Regulation non-marking tennis shoes with socks are required. Tee shirts with non-tennis related graphic designs, or inappropriate graphic designs, undershirts, men’s sleeveless shirts, such as tank tops and “muscle shirts”, fishnet shirts, cut-offs, Bermudas, blue jeans, bathing suits, gym shorts, slacks, and walking shorts are not permitted.


Reservations can be made up to three days in advance for courts two through five, for any time of the day, and for court one, when there is no scheduled instruction or scheduled events. Special events, teaching, and league play take precedence over normal play reservations. Courts may be reserved between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. Reservation sheets are posted at The Arbor Fitness Center. Telephone reservations will not be accepted. Members can reserve only one court per start time. Courts may be reserved for one hour for singles, and two hours for doubles. Two names must be listed for singles, and four names for doubles. Reservations are forfeited fifteen minutes after the reservation-start time, if one player is absent for singles, or two players are absent for doubles. Players are urged to cancel in advance whenever possible. Abuse of non-appearance without prior cancellation, will result in restrictions in the ability to reserve a court.


All guests and sponsoring members must register on the sign-up sheet. At least one member must be a part of the group containing guest players.


The formation of league teams, inter community teams, and special events, must be coordinated with the Director of Tennis. Play in these events may not start earlier than 10:00 am on weekdays, and 11:00 am on weekends, except for events within The Club.


When players are waiting for courts, unreserved play is limited to one hour for singles, and one and one half hour for doubles. Waiting players are permitted to ask players who have occupied the courts beyond these times, to relinquish the courts. Pets are not allowed on the courts, and children only if accompanied by an adult. Trash must be placed in the appropriate receptacles. Only non-alcoholic beverages, and non-breakable containers are allowed within the fenced area of the courts. Smoking is prohibited on the grounds of the tennis courts. The Tennis Director has the authority to ask anyone to leave the courts for infraction of any of these rules and regulations, and will also monitor compliance with the “Un-Written Rules of Tennis”, otherwise known as “Tennis Etiquette”.

Tennis Etiquette

Court etiquette is not explicitly spelled out in the rules, but it should be familiar territory to a tennis player who wants to be known as sportsmanlike and mannerly. Are you obeying these rules?

  1. The oldest tradition in tennis is to give your opponent the benefit of the doubt. This means that ball that can not be called out with surety is presumed to be good and continues in play.
  2. No point should be replayed because a player is not sure if a ball was in or out.
  3. It is both, the obligation and prerogative of a player to call all balls in his court, to help his opponent make calls when the opponent requests it, and to call against himself(with the exception of his partner’s first service), any ball that he sees clearly out on his opponents side of the court.
  4. Returning a service that is obviously out (accompanied by an out call) is a form of rudeness and when the receiver knows that in making these returns he bothers the server, it is gamesmanship.
  5. Compliance with the foot fault rule is very much a function of a player’s personal honor system.
  6. When play is in progress do not go behind another court to retrieve a ball or hit a lose ball to that court. Do not ask for one of your balls until the point in play on the adjoining court has stopped. In returning a lose ball to another court, do not hit it aimlessly, as if you do not care where it goes as long as it leaves your court. Instead, pick up the ball and hit it gently so that it goes directly to one of the players on the court, preferably the server, or gently roll it to the back fence if no one is looking for it.
  7. Enter and exit between points. Wait until the point in progress is over before entering or leaving through another court. It is not only courteous, but safer for every one.
  8. Retrieve stray balls during breaks. If you know your tennis etiquette, you know that the only time you should go into the next court to retrieve a ball is when the point is over. Better yet, politely ask for those players to return your ball, but ask only during a break in play. On the other hand, it is common courtesy to make sure stray balls are returned to the proper courts promptly.
  9. Keep your voice down. Yes, tennis is a social game and you should have fun. But, there is a time for social chit-chat, and it is not on the tennis court. The noise might not be disrupting your group, but, there are other people to consider. If you must talk, keep it to a minimum, and keep the decibel level down. If you have a problem, meet your opponent at the net. Don’t discuss it by yelling from baseline to baseline.
  10. Always announce the score. It makes life a whole lot easier if the server announces the score before each serve. That way there won’t be any arguments over the score. The same holds true for line calls. Call the ball loudly and clearly.
  11. Ease up on practice returns. When your opponent is taking practice serves don’t smack the ball back with your hardest returns. Instead, catch a few serves so your opponent can concentrate on his delivery. He won’t have much practice if he has to duck your returns. How do you practice your return?…Simple. After your opponent has hit a few serves, simply announce “I am going to return these”. At least that way, he will be ready for them.
  12. Learn and play by the rules. It is common courtesy and a written rule to know the rules of the game and to play by them. A knowledgeable, mannerly, courteous player is the best representative of the game, the way it was intended to be played. So, make it a point to play by the rules. The written ones and the unwritten ones!

Recreation Center Mini Golf

Golf clubs and golf balls for miniature golf are located in a plastic storage bin at hole 1 of mini golf course. Please return equipment to storage bin.

  1. Resident must accompany guests under 15 years of age.
  2. All play must begin behind hole sign.
  3. Play an out of bounds ball from where it went out of bounds, and no closer to the hole. Take a one stroke penalty.
  4. Balls that fall in rock hazards can be removed with a one stroke penalty and placed no closer to the hole.
  5. The ball can be moved out four inches from the walls or obstacles without penalty.
  6. Return equipment to its proper place.
  7. No running or unsportsmanlike conduct.