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On Top of the World alert


It has come to our attention that some homeowners have received phone calls from a company claiming to represent the “Florida PACE Program”. They are quoting fees for loans at 6% of the home value and 6% closing cost. This is absolutely not the AllianceNRG Program™ and should not be considered a viable loan option for our homeowners.

K9 OTOW introduced to Ken Colen of On Top of the World Communities.


K9 OTOW introduced to Ken Colen of On Top of the World Communities.Through the generous community spirit of the Entertainment Group and a private foundation the necessary funds to purchase a green (untrained) law enforcement K-9 for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office were acquired. A police dog (often referred to as K-9) is specifically trained to assist police in their work. Their duties include suspect apprehension, searching for drugs, explosives, lost people and crime scene evidence plus the all-important duty of protecting their handlers. These specially trained K-9s often cost anywhere from $8,000 to $10,000. The new addition to the Sheriff’s Office is an energetic 14-month old sable German shepherd recently brought over from Germany. The K-9, now paired with Deputy Matt Bowers, replaces the deputy’s former K-9 partner “Cadet” who unfortunately retired recently due to medical issues. To show their thanks to the residents of On Top of the World, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office has officially named the K-9 “OTOW.” “OTOW” has already begun the additional training he needs to prepare him for his important job of serving and protecting the citizens of Marion County. On Wednesday, January 18, 2017, Kenneth Colen, President of On Top of the World Communities, Inc., along with several members of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office held a “meet and greet” to introduce K-9 Officer “OTOW” to the community.

Please Stay Out Of Homes That Are Under Construction

We ask that all residents please stay out of homes that are under construction.  Not only is it a potential safety hazard but it is also considered trespassing. It is best to stay off the property if a home is empty as well as trade contractors are or are not present and working inside or outside the home.  In conclusion,  we ask that you DO NOT  enter any of the homes under construction, regardless of their state of completion. Please visit our model homes for touring guests. 


Thank you in advance for your cooperation and respect for others property and new neighbors in On Top of the World.

BLCCDD Electronic Payment Portal

The Bay Laurel Center Community Development District’s  web portal is up and running.  Through the web portal you can view account information, view and compare past and current utility bills, and request service calls.  This portal is a safe and secure way to make payments electronically in real time to Bay Laurel Center CDD. 

Customers who wish to  access the Bay Laurel Center CDD web portal are urged to type in the internet browser address line.  This will automatically take you directly to the homepage for Bay Laurel Center CDD.  From there, customers will need to click on the red button labeled “pay my bill” and follow the easy to read instructions to properly sign in to our safe and secure web portal.     

Bay Laurel Center CDD is also aware that some customers may utilize other search engines such as “Google Search” in order to locate our website.  Please be advised that, if you are not careful, you could be directed to a website that is not authorized by Bay Laurel Center CDD.  If you use another search engine, be sure to click on the result that is similar to below:


Customers should be aware of an internet-based bill pay network with the business name “DOXO” that has used the name, and domain name of Bay Laurel Center CDD in their communications to District customers.  This company has not been authorized by Bay Laurel Center CDD.

The attorney for the Bay Laurel Center CDD has sent a cease and desist letter to DOXO demanding an immediate halt to their communication activity and usage of the Bay Laurel Center CDD name and logo in their marketing efforts. The matter has also been reported to the Florida Attorney General’s office.

Please make sure you are on the authorized site, and not any other website or web portals when making your Bay Laurel Center CDD  electronic payments.

New Aging-In-Place Campus with Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Centers Under Construction

Bridgewater Park will also provide individual assistance with daily activities in a luxurious 100-unit Assisted Living Center where residents will enjoy living a few steps from a health spa, theater, gym, in-door garden, snack shop and town square. As part of the assisted living services offered on the Campus, a separate wing of 20 apartments will be specifically dedicated to residents with Alzheimer’s or other forms of age associated memory impairment. This Campus will utilize a currently vacant 35-acre parcel located on the west side of S.W. 80th Avenue just off of S.R. 200 near On Top of the World in Marion County, Florida.

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