Hurricane Preparedness for On Top of the World Communities.

Helpful Facts

Helpful facts:

  • OTOW is not an assisted living facility and is not responsible for the safety of residents in their own homes during or after a storm.  If residents have special needs they should seek the help of family, neighbors or emergency personnel in ADVANCE of the storm.  If residents are alone or unable to travel, travel arrangements to nearby special needs shelters can be made via emergency services prior to the storms arrival.
  • OTOW is NOT the electrical utility provider and therefore not responsible for restoration of electrical service to individual homes or facilities.  Nor is OTOW responsible for the installation of or repairs to electrical service lines, power poles, utility boxes or transformers.
  • When there is a power outage, internet service will be out as well.  Internet service cannot be restored until power has been restored.
  • Cell phone service is often compromised due to cell tower damage.  Cell phone service will be restored once your service provider makes their repairs.
  • Gates are left in the up position during a storm to allow access to EMS and to allow egress to residents should there be power loss to the community.  Gates are not staffed during a storm event for safety reasons.
  • Tree and landscape damage is a natural yet unfortunate occurrence in any storm.  Clean up and removal begins as soon as it is safe for maintenance personnel to do so
  • Residents must be responsible for their own safety and protection. They should always heed the warnings issued from state and local authorities.  Notice of an impending hurricane is provided by the weather service well in advance of the storms occurrence and updates are provided hourly.  These notices allow plenty of time to make a plan to ensure every individuals safety whether they are evacuating to a shelter, traveling outside the storm area or choosing to remain in their home.

“The decision to evacuate or ride out the storm is your personal decision”