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If you reside in Friendship Colony, Friendship Village or Americana and have not filled out an application for water / wastewater services.
Please contact the Bay Laurel Center CDD’s Customer Service office Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm by Tuesday March 10, 2020 or you may be subject to disconnection of water and wastewater services.

Bay Laurel Center CDD Contact Info:

Phone: (352) 414-5454 | Office:  8470 SW 79th Street Road, Unit 3, Ocala FL 34481


OTOW (Central)
Owners Association
Community Standards
and Rules

Click on the image to the right to view and download the OTOWOA Amended and Restated Rules.

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The Amended and Restated Rules was presented and approved
at the February 13, 2019 Board of Directors Meeting.

OTOW (Central) Owners Association Amended, Restated, & Consolidated Declaration

Amended, Restated, and Consolidated Declaration available. Please print a copy and place in your DOC book. You may also request a copy by sending an email to the associationinfo@otowfl.net, or pick up in Customer Service.

Click the icon to download PDF.

OTOW (Central)

Insurance Requirements & Forms

Click the buttons to the right to download a copy of important OTOWOA insurance requirements and forms.

Click here for Insurance Responsibility of Owners.

OTOW (Central) Master Policy Property Insurance
OTOW (Central) Master Liability Insurance
OTOW (Central) Association No Loss Letter

OTOW Central

The Audit Report for fiscal year ending February 28, 2019 is now available.
If you would like to review a copy of the audit report, please send an email to associationinfo@otowfl.net or write to the On Top of the World Central Owners Association, Attn: Secretary, 8445 SW 80th Street, Ocala, FL 34481.

Click the icon to download PDF of Financial Report.

How do I request an
Estoppel Certificate?

When requesting estoppel certificates, please include your name, company name and address (if applicable), unit owner(s) name(s), unit address, and indicate how you wish to receive the estoppel certificate. Please specify if this request is in conjunction with a property transfer, mortgage refinance or other. All estoppel requests must be received by email, US Mail, or fax as provided below:

  • Phone: (352) 873-6046
  • Fax: (352) 854-0815
  • Email: associationinfo@otowfl.net
  • US Mail: Management Enterprises, Inc.
    P.O. Box 771029
    Ocala, FL 34477-1029

Quick Facts

  • Estoppel Fees due upon receipt of estoppel certificate but may also be paid in advance or collected at the time of closing.
  • Please make check payable to Parkway Maintenance & Management, LLC. and send to US Mail address provided:
    $50 (no property inspection, applicable for mortgage refinances)
  • Up to $250 (includes property inspection and full report)
  • Expedited (within 3 business days after request), additional $100
  • If delinquent amount is owed to the association for the applicable unit, an additional fee for the estoppel certificate may be charged not to exceed $150 (estoppel request will be sent to association’s Law Firm for preparation)

Quick Links & Resources

Water Restrictions

All communities within On Top of the World Communities, Inc. follow the watering restrictions mandated by Marion County. Click here to view your addresses water restrictions.

Garbage & Recycling

Click here for a list of garbage and recycling locations for OTOW, and for a list of recyclable materials.

Insurance Responsibility

Click here to view and download a copy the individual unit owner’s insurance responsibility.

Home Warranty Information

Click here to visit the Centricity Homeowner’s Warranty Hub.

House Color Palettes

Home exterior color palettes for On Top of the World. These color schemes apply to Candler Hills, Avalon, and Indigo East neighborhoods only.

Plant Palettes

Click here for the entire list of approved plants and plant palettes for On Top of the World Communities, Inc.