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Recreation Fitness Center Hours
Monday thru Friday 6:30 am to 8 pm
Saturday 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
Sunday 9am to 5pm

Arbor Fitness Center 387-7638
Arbor Fitness Office 387-7539

Room Location Codes
AC: Arbor Club MR2: Meeting Room 2
ACF: Arbor Club Fitness Room MR3: Meeting Room 3
AC CTS: Arbor Tennis Courts PL RM: Poolroom
ACIP: Arbor Indoor Pool PR: Pressroom
ACOP: Arbor Outdoor Pool RC: Recreation Center
ACC: Arbor Conference Center RCF: Recreation Center Fitness Room
ART: Hobby Building RC BR: Recreation Center Ballroom
BCTS: Bocce Courts RCP: Recreation Center Pool
CCC: Candler Community Center RC CTS: Recreation Center Tennis Courts
CCR: Candler Hills Card Room RC RB: Recreation Center Racquetball Courts
CLC: Computer Learning Center RC HS: Recreation Center Horseshoe Pits
FF: Flying Field RCPL: Recreation Center Parking Lot
GC: Golf Course RC SB: Recreation Center Shuffleboard
HCR: Card Room SBF: Softball Field
ICC: Indigo Community Center WW: Wood Shop
MGC: Miniature Golf Course 3rd: Third Floor
MR1: Meeting Room 1 (Railroaders)

Club Formation Requirements Resource
A step-by-step guide to starting a club at On Top of the World Communities.

Facility Rules
Rules for using the facilities’ at On Top of the World Communities.

Clubs & Groups

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Club Name Meeting Time Place Contact
Active Singles Club 3rd Wed. of each month Call for room location Nancy: 717-327-1335
Alpha Investment Group 2nd & 4th Tues. 3:30pm ART Bob: 352-229-8718
American Jewish Club 3rd Sun. 1pm - 3pm ACC: E,F,G Nancy: 410-935-2625
Aqua Belles M-W-F 12:30pm ACIP Audrey: 291-2237
Arbor Tennis Pro and Pool Attendant RC CTS 387-7639
Avalon Social Club 2nd Mon 5:30pm ACC: B,C Sherry: 913-638-9256
Ballet Club Tues. 11am & 1pm, Thurs. 1pm, Fri. 12pm, Sat. 11am Eugenie: 854-8589
Bible Study Friday (Oct – May) at 10:00 a.m. ACC A Lynee: 352-873-2668
Dominoes Mon. 1:00 pm ACC:G Denise: 352-509-7444
Billiard Club 1st Mon. each quarter 4pm ART Men's - Richard: 873-8247Ladie's - Penny: 854-9434
Blood Bank (LifeSouth) 1st Mon. 8am-4pm (Odd Months) RCPL Dick & Sue: 237-1405
Blood Bank (One Blood) 1st Mon. 7:30am (Even Months) RCPL Sara: 304-8089
Bridge Practice W 1:00 pm MR2 Ann: 209-8291
Bunco Club 4th Tues. 7:00 pm ACC:E, F Michelle: 861-8790
Bundicious Chicks 4th Wed. 7:00 pm ACC:A Mary: 352-854-9259
Bus Ocala Run Mon. - Thurs. 9am * Rec Office: 854-8707
Call of the Wild Sports Club 1st Wed. 12:00 pm ART Roger:300-3601
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Candler Connection See Clubs & Activities, and Events, for meeting times and dates. CCC Richard: 352-547-4260
Candler Hills Men's Golf Assoc. Rich: 299-3244
Car Scanner Decals Mon. - Fri. 8am-4pm Customer Service in Friendship Commons *
Caribbean Club 3rd T 6:00 pm ICC Robert: 861-2589
Cert 2nd T at 9:00 am ACC: B & C Mary Beth: 352-237-5079
Chess Tues. 2pm TBD Jim: 352-861-2888
Concert Chorus Tues. 9:30am ACC: B,C David:217-280-4454
Circle Squares Square Dancers AC Bob: 873-6811
Citizens Emergency Response Club 2nd Tues. 9am ACC: E,F Mary Beth: 237-5079
Community Patrol 4th Monday at 3pm ACC: B,C Gary: 291-7508Richard: 304-8477
Computer Club Tues.& Thurs.& Sat. 9am ACC: B,C Bill: 873-8519
Corn Hole Club Mon. at 10:30 am, Tues. at 1:30 pm, Thur. at 1:30 pm & 3:00 pm, Fri. at 10:30 am Horse Shoe Pitts Jim: 861-6355
Crocheting & Knitting Tues. at 12:30 pm ICC Betty: 286-5081
Dancin' on the Top Gene: 304-8293
D'Clowns 1st Mon. & 3rd Mon. 1:30pm ACC: B,C Paula: 873-3433
Democratic Club 4th Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm ACC: E,F Dan: 509-4942
Divot Diggers Phil: 854-3403
Mexican Train F 1:00 pm ACC:H Joyce: 516-459-8549
Dominoes M 1:00 pm ACC:G Denise: 352-509-4744
Dulcimer Players Tues. 1:30 pm ACC:H Rich: 237-8734
Encore Collaboration Theatre Group - - Brenda: 404-216-3009
Entertainment Group - - Ed: 854-5159
Everyone Wins 3rd Sun 6:00 pm ACC: B&C Sandy: 237-9073
Favorite Recipes Dinner Club Luke: 304-8104

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Club Name Meeting Time Place Contact
Game Night Th 6:00 pm ACC:G Judy: 509-7509
Genealogical Society 2nd Mon. 10am3rd Mon. 10am HCR Ronald: 352-304-0118
Hand & Foot Sun 1:00 pm HCR John: 304-8946
Hoofin it for Hospice Valerie: 352-873-8605
Horse Sense Club 3rd Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. ACC: Suites E&F Paul: 603-944-1157
Karaoke Friends 2nd M 6:00 pm ACC: E&F Kathy: 854-6402
Kingdom of the Sun Virgil: 873-4460
Original Karaoke Group 2nd & 4th Mon, 6:30pm CCC Sindy: 362-4810
Library Mon.-Sat. 7am , Sun. 9am RC Rita: 873-7702
Line Dance Practice Wed. 11:30am ACC: G,H Rose: 390-2153
Line Dancing Wed. 9am ACC: E, F Kathy: 854-6402
Line Dancing Mon. 10:30 am ICC Marla: 854-9714
Line Dancing Mon. 11:45 am RC BR Nancy: 533-8870
Line Dancing 2nd Thurs. 6:00 pm RC BR Nancy: 533-8870
Line Dancing Beg/Int Mon. 2:00pm, W 1:00 pm ACC: E,F,G,H Janice: 861-6402
Lions Club 1st, 2nd & 4th Tues. 6pm ACC:B Charles: 352-425-6313
Mah Jong Mon. 5:30pm CCR Debbie: 978-335-5967
Mah Jong Tues. 6:30 pm MR2 Jan: 237-7272
Mah Jong Wed. 6:30 pm CCR Pamela: 352-854-5829
Mah Jong Mon. 6:30 pm, Wed. 12:30 pm ICC Betty: 286-5081
Mah Jong Thur. 1:00 pm CCR Deb: 620-5621
Mah Jong Fri. 9:00 am CCR Judy: 734-878-9576
Mah Jong Fri. 1:00 pm MR2 Sue: 237-2471
Mah Jong Mamas Fri. 12:30 pm CCR Ann: 861-9383
Men's Golf Assoc. M & F 11:00 PAV Wally: 873-8958
Midwest Heartland Club First Tuesday of the month in Feb, April, July & Oct. 5:30 pm ACC:B Elaine: 505-401-1257
Michigan Club 2nd Sun. 4:30 pm ACC:E,F Judy: 509-7509
MMJ Discussion Group 1st Thursday of month ACC- E & F Diane: 352-875-9923
Model Railroaders 1st W at 9am ACC: A James: 861-2822, Paul: 914-213-2006
Monday Night Bridge M 6:30 pm HCR Kathie: 789-9087
Moonstruck Astronomy Club Every second Thursday 1:30 to 2:30 pm ACC:B Jim: 570-971-5269
NARFE 2279 2nd Thurs. 2pm Ocala W. Meth. Church Charles: 732-3795
Native Plant Group Margitta: 873-0731
Neighbors of Windsor 1st F at 4:30pm ACC G&H Mary: 854-9378
New England Club (Oct- May)3rd Thurs. 1pm RCB Donnamarie: 207-212-6529
Nickel Nickel Friday at 2:00 p.m. HB3 Joe: 242-4111

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Club Name Meeting Time Place Contact
On The Road Again Bob: 854-0702
OTOW Light & Sound * * Tom: 352-304-8149
OTOW R/C Car Club 1st Mon. 10:30am Click for track rules. ACC: B,C Paul: 260-797-8717
OTOW R/C Flyers Club 1st Mon. 9am ACC: B,C Dick: 352-854-9424
OTOW R/C LadyBirds Club 2nd Friday of every month 8:30am ACC: B,C Nancy: 352-854-0309
Pennsylvania Club 2nd Wed. of each month Jan–May & Sept–Dec 3pm ACC: E,F Larry: 570-325-0215
Poker 1st Tues. at 6:30 pm ACC:E&F Wally: 873-8958
Poker Fri. 6:00 pm MR3 Wayne: 407-209-7198
Poker Tues. 6:00 pm ACC:G Raymond: 304-8202
Poker Thur. 6:00 pm CCC Nicholas: 512-1787
Polymer Claymates Tues. 12:30pm to 3:30pm ART Carol
Pretenders Nancy: 352-873-4315
Republican Club 2nd Fri. 7pm ACC: E,F,G Wendell:352-207-4618
ROMEO Club Andy: 390-3677
Running Club Bill: 609-876-3520
Samba Wed. 1:00 pm CCC Dee:
Samba Wed. 12:30pm CCC CR Gloria: 352-229-8710
Samba Mamas Fri. 1:00pm CCC CR Pat: 873-4896
Scandinavian/American Club 4th Tues. 12:30pm ACC: B Ginny: (352)304-8619
Singles Club 1st & 2nd Thurs. 2pm ACC: G, H Nancy: 352-854-9185
Side Kick Western Dance Club Sun. 5:00pm, Tues. 4:30pm RC BR Colin: 861-2786
Sound and Light Bruce:302-377-9198
Southern Club 1st Thurs. 5pm ACC:E&F Ann: 352-304-8317
SPCA Betty: 362-0985
Square & Compass Club Larry: 386-965-7047
Sunshine Singers 1st & 3rd Mon. 3:30pm ACC:C Elizabeth: 352-300-3531
SWANS (Single Women's Network) Lois: 854-0558

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Club Name Meeting Time Place Contact
Tai Chi ACC: G at T at 9:00 am and F at 10:45am Barbara: 861-1143
Tai Chi W at 10:00am - F at 10:45 am ACC: G at T at 9:00 am and F at 10:45am Barbara: 861-1143
Tall Tale Traveler's 4th W 6:30 pm ACC:B&C Lynn: 903-370-2330
Texas Connection Social Club 2nd Sun. 6:00 pm ACC: E,F Kathy: 300-3729
Theatre Group 2nd Mon. 6pm ACC: E,F Dick: 509-7707
Travel Toppers     Inge: 237-7428
Unique Birders Oct-April on last Thur. of the month Margitta: 873-0731
Veterans Club William Richhart: 352-304-8425
Visually Impaired Support Group 2nd Tues. 1:30pm ACC: H Lee 237-4843
Women of the World 1st Fri. 1pm RCBR Gail: 407-497-3958
100 Grandparents tbd 8:30am Evelyn: 237-0304

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Activity Time Place Contact
Arbor Tennis Pro and Pool Attendant Click on link to left RC CTS 387-7639
Badminton Tues, Thurs, 1-3pm RC CTS Marge: 304-8956
Billiards Mon. 12pm Tues. - Sun. 9am PL RM Joe: 352-304-8555
Billiards, Ladies Mon. 9am PL RM Penny: 854-7434
Bocce Club M,T,W,F - 9am, Thurs. 10am ACC: B,C Terry: 352-300-3043
Bowling–Western Stars Thurs. 3pm AMF West Vic: 351-3674
Bowling–OTOW League Mon. 2:45pm AMS West Sandy: 612-760-2010
Candler Hills 9 Hole - Ladies Thurs, 1pm Candler Hills Golf Club Gail: 671-8280
Candler Hills Womens' 18-hole Golf League Thursdays at 8am Candler Hills Golf Club Patty: 861-9692
Corn Hole Open Play Mon. and Thur. at 6 PM Mar-Oct, Tues. at 1:30 PM, Fri. at 10:30 AM Nov.- Feb. HSC Jim: 861-6355
OTOW LGA-9 Holers 1st & 4th Tues. 11am RC BR Kay: 509-7230
Golf, Ladies 18 - Hole Tues. 8:30am GC Nancy: 861-3116
Golf, Men's 9 - Hole Wed. 8:30am GC Bill: 873-3662
Golf, Men's 18 - Hole Wed. 9am GC Paul: 873-6215
Horseshoe League Tues. 9am RC HS Ed: 352-237-6116
Pickleball Mon. - Fri. 9am , Sun. 4:30pm Newcomers RC CTS #4 Kelly and Paul 352-291-1001
Racquetball Tues., Thurs., & Sun. 8:30am, Wed. 9:00am RC RB Nick: 854-9768
Shuffleboard Club Mon. 9:30am, Wed. 1:00pm (Men), Fri. 9:30am RC SB Bob: 509-7142
Shuffleboard Ten-Pin Tues. 1:30pm, 6:30pm, Thur. 9:30am, 6:30pm, Sat. 9am RC SB Bob: 509-7142
Women's Shuffleboard W 9am RC SB Nina: 209-0003
Softball, Men's Mon. & Wed. 4pm Game SBF Bill: 352-873-0538
Women's Softball Practice Tues. & Fri. 8:30am Practice SBF Carol: 509-4066
Table Tennis Doubles- Mon. & Tues. 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Th-F-Sat. 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, Singles- Wed. 1:00 pm- 3:00 pm, Sunday 2:00 pm- 4:00 pm, Beginners- Tuesday 1:00 pm ACC: D Jim: 861-2822
Tennis, Ladies W&F. 8:00am RC CTS Jorge: 484-4815
Tennis, Men's T&Th 8:00am RC CTS Jorge: 484-4815
Tennis, Mixed Doubles Mon. Sat. 8a & 10am RC CTS Jorge: 484-4815
Walleyball Mon. 10a, Tues. 11a & Thurs. 11a RC RB Arnie: 854-4524
Water Volley Balll Thurs. 3:00 pm ACP Cindy: 804-248-1444

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Cards & Games

Activity Time Place Contact
Bingo Wed. 6pm RC BR Denise: 873-1281
Bridge, Monday Afternoon Mon. 12:30pm HCR Shirley: 351-0579
Bridge, Tuesday Afternoon Tues. 12:00pm HCR Marge: 873-4530
Bridge, Tuesday Night Duplicate Tues. 6pm HCR Doris: 861-9141
Bridge, Wednesday Afternoon Wed. 12:30pm HCR Patricia: 861-0620
Bad Boys Bridge Thurs. 1:00pm MR2 Jerry: 509-7642
Bridge, Thursday Evenings Thurs. 6:00pm - 10:00pm HCR Keith 352-857-5785
Canasta Hand & Foot Tues. 8:30am HCR Paul 509-7976
Card Game Thurs. 5:30pm ACC: B Valerie: 873-8605
Euchre "4" Fun Fri. 6:15pm ACC: A Clyde: 352-895-6629
Euchre Mon. 6:15pm ACC:H Robert: 352-390-3390
Glow Bunco East 3rd Wed. 7pm ACC:A Penny: 352-509-7711
Mah Jong Sun.- Fri. 12:30pm ACC: A Mary Ehle: 873-7507
Mah Jong Mon. & Sat. 5:00pm ACC: A Mary: 873-7507
Mexican Train/Chicken Foot Dominos Mon. 7-9:30pm ART: A,B Barbara: 770-394-7533
Poker Mon., Wed. 6pm MR3 Jack: 875-0041
Poker, Men's Wed. 5pm ACC:H Ed:850-322-1033
Poker, Ladie's Wed. 12:00pm MR3 Beverly: 854-2498
Poker, Mixed Tues., Thurs., Sun., 6:30pm ACC: H Gabby: 854-4792
Rummicube Mon. 2pm ACC: D Bonnie: 854-7516
Scrabble Club Wed. 2:30pm ACC: C Dan: 509-4942

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Arts & Crafts

Activity Time Place Contact
Art Group Thurs. & Sat. 9am-12pm ART Anne: 732-0706
Artistic Crafts & Gifts Tues. 9am - 12pm RC BR Rene : 854-4918
Ceramics Class Mon. & Wed. 9am-2pm ART Toni: 854-9768
Embroidery Chicks, The 1st and 4th Friday every month, 10am - 3pm ACC: B,C Theresa: 291-7570
Garden Club (by H&R) 99th Street Jerry: 973-534-2970
Garden Club (Near RV Parking) 90th Street Jim: 854-4947
Happy Hookers Every Mon. 1:30pm ART Naomi: 873-4328
Japanese Embroidery Bunka Wed. 12:30pm ACC: B Pauline: 854-8598
Polymer Claymates Tues. 12:30pm to 3:30pm ART Carol: 615-5508
R/C Flying Mon. - Sat. 8 am - dusk Sun. 9:30 am- dusk R/C Field Gayl: 873-7346
Rubber Stamping/Greeting Cards 1st & 3rd Thurs. 1-3pm ACC: C Ellen: 291-2066
Sewing Bees Thurs. 12:30pm ART Louise: 352-629-1195
Shutterbugs - Photo Group Tuesdays 3-4:30pm ACC: B,C Gary: 854-8536
General Frances Marion Stamp Club 1st Wed. & 3rd Wed. 1pm. at Bank of the Ozarks 2nd Tues. 6pm at Freedom Library Joe: 352-237-7366
2nd Wed. 7pm Queen of Peace
Sunshine Quilters 2nd and 4th Tuesday every month from 9am to 12pm ART Rhonda: 916-764-0450
Wood Carving Thurs. 9am ART: B Robert: 861-0051
Woodworking Shop Daily HRWW David: (804) 304 8683, Email:

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