Check out our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) list below for answers to your most asked questions. If you still have any more questions, please contact our Resident Services department.
Where is the Emergency Contact form?

Download and print the Emergency Contacts Form here. Complete and drop off at the Resident Services department located in Friendship Commons at 9850 SW 84th Court, Suite 200.

Where is Resident Services and how do I make a request for service?

Resident Services is located in Friendship Commons at 9850 SW 84th Court, Suite 200. Resident Services is open for residents Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Drop boxes are located outside the building for payments and resident matters after hours.

How do I report a Non-Medical Emergency after 4pm and prior to 8am the next business day?

Please call 352-236-OTOW(6869).

If I know that a delivery is schedules (furniture, moving van, large trucks), do I need to do anything to receive my deliver??

All deliveries should enter via the construction entrance off S.W. 80th Ave. onto S.W. 90th St. Deliveries are allowed only on Monday through Saturday during daylight hours until 5:00 p.m. You can call the gate at 352-854-2237 to explain the details of your delivery.

How do I apply for a Homestead Exemption for Marion County?

Your Property Appraiser is Villie M. Smith.
To properly apply for Florida Homestead Exemption you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be a permanent resident of Florida as of Jan. 1st, living on the property for which homestead exemption is being claimed. You can file between Jan. 1 and Mar. 1.

You must have the following information available:

  1. Proof of property ownership as of Jan. 1 ie: Recorded deed or contract.
  2. Florida Operator Driver’s License or Florida I.D. Card. (Note: Does not apply to Out of State License holders who are issued a “valid florida only” license which is issued to part time residents who also hold an out of state license.
  3. Florida auto registration(s).
  4. Social Security Card(s).
  5. Applicants must be U.S. Citizen or have permanent alien card.

Please note that the property appraiser’s office may request additional proof of permanent Florida residency such as a Declaration of Domicile and/or a copy of applicant’s I.R.S. Tax Return from previous year, proof of widow or widower, voter registration from Marion County.

For further information contact the Property Appraiser’s Office at (352)368-8335.

Who can assist me with Mail Problems?
  • Airport Road Branch Post Office (352)861-8188
  • Paddock Branch Post Office (352)237-3777
  • For more help contact USPS Customer Advisory Council (352)861-2831
What are the official names of the Homeowner's Associations?
  • On Top of the World (Central) Owners Association, Inc.
  • Candler Hills Neighborhood Association, Inc.
  • Indigo East Neighborhood Association, Inc.
  • Weybourne Landing Neighborhood Association, Inc.
How do we pay into the Homeowner's Associations and utilize the facilities?
  • Candler Hill residents pay into On Top of the World (Central) HOA, and therefore may go both ways
  • Candler, OTOW & Indigo residents do not pay into the Weybourne community and may not utilize those facilities or amenities.
  • Candler, OTOW & Weybourne residents do not pay into the Indigo Community and may not utilize those facilities or amenities.
  • Weybourne, Indigo & OTOW residents do not pay into the Candler community, and may not utilize Candler facilities or amenities.
  • Indigo & Weybourne may utilize OTOW facilities or amenities only if the Indigo Or Weybourne residents pay the Gateway of Service, and OTOW may not utilize Indigo or Weybourne regardless.Please note Gateway of Services gives access to OTOW (Central) only!
What are the maintenance responsibilities for the Homeowner's Association?

Refer to your homeowner’s documents and select ‘Area of Responsibility Chart’.

Where do I take my garbage?

There are 5 compactor locations within OTOW for household waste dumping. They are located:

  1. Just West of SW 99th St. Rd. on SW 94th St.
  2. Next to the Post Office behind the sales office on SW 96th Ln. (includes single-stream recycling bins)
  3. Next to the Post Office in Crescent Ridge II on SW 96th Ave.
  4. Next to the Post Office in Americana Village on SW 88th Ct. Rd. (includes single-stream recycling bins)
  5. Next to the Post Office by the R.V. Parking Area on SW 90th St. (includes single-stream recycling bins)

Candler Hills and Indigo East residents have curbside pickup for household trash and recycling. Please visit the Garbage and Recycling page for the scheduled pick-ups.

What type of restrictions does our area have on lawn watering?

The Southwest Florida Management District (SWFWMD) continues to impose very strict water conservation measures on Marion County. Watering is currently restricted to two days per week during Daylight Savings Time and once during Standard Time, not to exceed 3/4″ of water per week. For villa and townhouse owners, where watering is controlled by OTOW, you should report any watering problems to Customer Service. For individual homeowners that control their own watering, about 30 minutes per zone max once per week should be acceptable. Click here to view current watering schedule.