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Living with Coyotes in Florida

Living with Coyotes in Florida

For our residents who are concerned about the presence of coyotes in the community, please follow this link to the Fish and Wildlife Commission’s website for tips and suggestions on living with coyotes. Please keep in mind these 3 tips:

  1. Feeding Coyotes is illegal. They will lose their fear of humans.
  2. Secure garbage cans. Clean up pet food and fallen fruit.
  3. Keep pets in enclosed areas. Walk dogs on a short leash.

Click here to learn about coyotes in Florida.

Living with Coyotes in Florida

Recycling at On Top of the World Communities Ocala, FL

A Message from Lynette Vermillion

A message from Lynette Vermillion, General Manager at On Top of the World, regarding recycling changes:

Waste Management changed the recycle dumpsters to minimize contamination of recycled items. Due to the complaints we received about the new dumpsters, Waste Management was on site interviewing our residents. Waste Management realizes the new dumpsters are not user-friendly and have promised to add an additional slot for larger items, such as gallon milk containers. Hopefully, all will be converted within a couple of weeks.

Waste Management also listened to the feedback regarding no longer accepting glass in recycle and has agreed to once again accept glass. Signage is being updated and will be back on the dumpsters very soon. You may recycle glass now.

We appreciate your patience during this time and hope that you will continue recycling and be mindful of those items that contaminate loads.

Scam Phone Calls

Please be aware there are currently scam phone calls purportedly from Duke Energy being made.

Calls answered are met with a recording “This is Duke Energy [& then the instructions for Spanish, to push 5], your electric bill is overdue & is scheduled to be turned off unless you pay the overdue amount of $[random numbers on each call].  Please press [random number] to submit payment”.

This is a scam and anyone receiving these types of calls should hang up immediately.  Contact Duke Energy at (800) 700-8744 to report the call.  The ‘real’ status of a customer’s electric can also be verified at this time – customer should have their account number handy.